How to send a ski from the airport


If you are going to sightseeing some days before you come to the ski resort, you can send baggage that is not necessary for sightseeing from the airport to the accommodation at ski resort.

After you receive your package after entering the country, please find the ABC counter in the airport.


ABC counter location and description

After you arrive at the ABC counter, you will receive delivery slip from the staff and fill in the address.

Destination address (Fujio Pension Address)
Zip code:  389-2257
Address:  Madarao 11492 Iiyama Nagano
Hotel Name:  Fujio Pension and Your Name
Phone number:  0269-64-3535

Sender's Address and Name:  Your Name

Phone Number: Your Mobile phone

Attention: It is necessary 2 days before package arrives. Do not send it in the case that you arrive at the ski resort within 2 days.